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The Rosenkranz Mysteries is a critical success once again!

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3 ½ Stars (out of 4)!

“Delivers wonder and laughter in abundance!”

Catey Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times


Teller (Penn & Teller)

"The Rosenkranz Mysteries is like spending a cozy evening with your jovial doctor – who just happens to command some of the rarest and most beautiful illusions in the world.

The show is an elegant soiree, a fireside chat entwined with brain-busting mysteries, conjured by a physician/magician, who sees the world through the double lens of medicine and magic. 

While there are plenty of mindboggling “how the hecks?” there’s also an authenticity about Dr. Rosenkranz that makes his trickery ring like truth."

-Teller (Penn&Teller)



A magical performance. You will be amazed at what you see on the stage. Worth putting on your ‘must see’ list!”

Al Bresloff,

Windy City Times

“Legendary Illusions

and Vivacious Visual Display.”

Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times

Buzz News

"Highly Recommended!"

"The illusions and magic were truly mind-boggling. A “feel good” experience in a way that stays with you. A witty and intelligent show."

Earl Cochran, Buzz News

“Deliciously mysterious!

Will leave you muttering ‘how did he do that?’ Continuously entertains and baffles the audience.  Wondrous!”

Dan Zeff

“Highly theatrical!

How did he do that? Remarkable. The audience is mesmerized. Genuine awe and surprise!”

Karen Tophan